On a mission to help men thrive.

Become your own Hero.

New Man Today is a movement created to help men discover their true potential, leading to a more meaningful, successful and happy life.

We provide a safe space for men to grow and learn, be honest, and share what might not be always easy to share.

Make your future bigger than your past.



New Man Today focuses on developing the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of men.  We want men to be real, genuine and comfortable in their own skin without having to constantly wear the traditional male mask of toughness and masculinity. We want to help men to re-discover their talents, depth and emotional balance. We want men to grow and learn, be authentic, and pass this onto others. We want men to turn up as better husbands, partners, fathers, brothers, mates, role-models and leaders.


Your steps along the path to genuine wellbeing



Being Aware 

Awareness is the first step on the path to change and the cornerstone of our overall mindset.  Like an iceberg, most of what goes on inside all of us is below the surface and obscured by our behavior, our conversation and the endless chatter of our “monkey minds”.  Our challenge is to become aware of how we and those around us actually have our own set of filters “re-presenting” external occurrences and information according to our own personal prejudices and experiences dated back to childhood.



Being Open 

Being open translates as having courage….the courage to think differently, be vulnerable and ruthlessly honest with yourself. Owning your own sh*t and being teachable and open to change and feedback are necessary skills required for a successful life.  Taking responsibility for developing your mindset is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Taking action

Growth and change are the result of action.  Our focus is on taking small steps to help you achieve more significant end results, building regular habits and processes that suit your character and lifestyle.  Always working towards making you the best you can be on a daily basis.


"It was absolutely fantastic to hear from Peter and the New Man Today team. I’m so inspired by Peter’s story and his courage in sharing his experiences to help break down the social stigmas that are attached to men’s mental health.

I noticed some clear parallels with what Peter was saying and my own experience and found strength in knowing that there is support out there from everyday blokes that I can relate to."

Leigh Jenkinson  Westpac,   Agile Coach

Leigh Jenkinson
Westpac, Agile Coach

Meet the Team Behind New Man Today

New Man Today started as a group of like-minded mates who saw the opportunity for men to re-connect with themselves and each other, and to grow.  We see huge benefits in men starting talk about and explore what it means to have a good life.  Through our own individual experiences, disappointments, triumphs, painful moments, learnings and recovery journeys, we understand men’s struggles and strengths and have a lot to share.