We have a true passion for men's wellbeing


Our mission to help men to thrive and be comfortable with their role in today’s fast paced and ever changing society.

New Man Today aims to spread their message through live and online workshops, events, programs, get-togethers and one-on-one training sessions.

We want to help men (re)discover and own their authentic power and manliness. We want men to turn up as better husbands, partners, fathers, brothers, mates, role-models and leaders.



Peter Balcarek

I have spent last 10 years working on projects within the banking and financial services industry.

I have always had a very active lifestyle training weightlifting, kickboxing, dragon boating or CrossFit.

Through a series of not so positive life experiences, I developed depression and fell into a dark hole, fell apart emotionally. This triggered a great transformation in every area of my life.

I studied The Journey Method, Dogma Detox Method, NLP and am always keeping up to date with the latest developments in men’s health.

I am passionate about helping men become more in tune emotionally, comfortable in their own skin without wearing the traditional macho male mask.


Allister Logan

I have 12 years experience in sales and leadership within financial services. I am passionate about diversity of thought, strengths based leadership and mindfulness.

I have overcome a gambling addiction and reprogrammed some negative patterns in my life through many years of therapy and found that a transpersonal approach was best for me. This lead me to retrain as a transpersonal coach and start my own coaching and consultancy business working with clients and companies to be their potential.

I believe that it is more important than ever that men have the support and tools available to navigate the changing landscape of what it is to be a man today.

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